All good things must come to an end...

I made an important decisson.
And I will explain why, how, and when.

It all started a year ago, AccountDropper has been born, free accounts for everyone, yup, free.
AccountDropper started as an hobby, I liked cracking accounts and getting positive feedback.
That's not how cracking feels like nowadays.
Cracking accounts feels like a full-time job, and its killing me from the inside.

If you have to do something day in, day out, its gonna make you sick and tired.
That's how I am feeling about AccountDropper.
And that's not what I want.

You might think: Lmao, its not that hard, its ez money.

Well, no.
Let me explain this to you so u might understand me better, try to step into my life:
When AccountDropper started as an Discord server a year ago, I reached up to 900 members, thats a lot.
But then... It got suspended..... That moment made me feel sick for a full 2 days, something that ment so much to me, just dissapeared.
Imagine building it all up again, and when u reach 300 members, it gets suspensed again...
Then I decided to make it into a website, I invested 250$+ on it, and till this day I think it was worth it.
But nowadays I only seem to get problems with it, refunderd, and a PayPal suspend...
When my PayPal suspended a week ago or so, I cried, its the first time in ages I did cry again.
When I slept and woke up the next day, I was thinking to myself: how can money run me so much!
Why is this so important to me!
And when that happened my life 'changed'.

I have been thinking about quitting AccountDropper for a bit less then a week now, and its going to happen. But dont be sad; I am going to stop the sales now.
But I will continue to restock the site AccountDropper everyday, for some time, this probally means about 3 months more of restocks.

Cause I can't just let y'all down (especially new buyers)

I hope you all can understand this decision.

And of course, a big thanks for all of you that bought AccountDropper.

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